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Coffee is Life
  • coffee, cold brew, health, healthy eating, nutrition, science
  • Coffee is Life

    When it comes to healthy eating, kale gets all the press. But if the scientific buzz is right, there’s a whole lot of wellness waiting in our coffee cups, too, and while that sweet essence of...

    Cold Brew Latte Love
  • coffee, cold brew, latte, recipes, recipies
  • Cold Brew Latte Love

    If cold brew is the superhero of the java world, a cold brew latte is its greatest act of caffeinated valor, a perfect save-the-day blend of coffee punch and dairying-do. Hot or iced (pick your super...

    Cold Brew Cup Of Cheer
  • coffee, cold brew, holidays, recipe, recipes, yum
  • Cold Brew Cup Of Cheer

    This mug of liquid tranquility says “aloha” to holiday happiness in all the right ways. It’s a perfect blend of warm, complex flavors kissed by a little island sun to warm up those less-than-tropical nights the...

    Coffee & Climate Change
  • climate change, coffee, environment
  • Coffee & Climate Change

    Can any of us imagine a coffee-less world? Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement means we won’t have to imagine it at all. Left unchecked, rising global temperatures will guarantee that coffee disappears in our lifetime. Increasing...

    Kohana Coffee BBQ Sauce
  • BBQ, food, nutrition, recipe, recipes, yum
  • Kohana Coffee BBQ Sauce

    Anybody who knows me knows I firmly believe that coffee is as essential to life as we know it as air, water, and the latest Elena Ferrante novel. It’s what my world calls a key ingredient. ...

    Embracing the Nightmare
  • dreams, failing, halloween, memories, nightmare, scary, stress
  • Embracing the Nightmare

    I don’t have a lot of nightmares, but when I do, they’re always strange and disturbing in a way that nothing else in life ever is, a bad acid trip crossed with a Stephen King story...