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Coffee Goes to the Dogs
  • business for good, coffee, dogs, ideas we love, pets
  • Coffee Goes to the Dogs

    When we count all the many ways that coffee and the people who provide it make our world a happier place, we usually get a human score. A roaster paying more to impoverished growers. A café...

    Cold Brew, Hot Tricks
  • coffee, cold brew, recipies
  • Cold Brew, Hot Tricks

    Cold brew coffee concentrate may be the best way to start the day (or anything else for that matter), but that doesn’t mean it’s just for breakfast. There’s a whole world of other things it can...

    Island Iced Coffee
  • coffee, cold brew, recipies, toasted coconut
  • Island Iced Coffee

    Inspired by our island roots, enjoy this delicious toasted coconut iced coffee recipe by US Barista Champion, Laila Ghambari! Ingredients 3 oz Kohana Coffee Toasted Coconut cold brew concentrate (coming soon!)6 oz cold water2 teaspoons sweetened condensed milk...

    Salted Caramel Fried Banana French Toast
  • breakfast, coffee, cold brew, food, recipies
  • Salted Caramel Fried Banana French Toast

    We may live in a world blessed with flavors big and small, but let’s get real—few of them even come close to caramel. It’s amazingly perfect and perfectly amazing in all kinds of ways. We should...

    Kohana Coffee Unveils Brand New Web Platform
  • coffee, cold brew, kohana coffee, press release
  • Kohana Coffee Unveils Brand New Web Platform

    The Kohana Coffee Company, creator of the world’s only shelf-stable cold brew coffee, has launched a brand new web platform at and unveiled a host of online changes that reinvent the gourmet roaster’s user experience....

    The Cold Truth About Cold Brew
  • coffee, cold brew
  • The Cold Truth About Cold Brew

      Cold brew is the hottest coffee in town. Nobody with their travel mug screwed on straight could possibly claim otherwise. But beyond this most basic of points, confusion abounds and misperceptions rage. Come follow the...