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More Americans are Ditching Standard Coffee for Specialty

Consumption of non-specialty coffee is down. Consumption of specialty coffee and espresso beverages is up. We think that’s a positive trend.

According to the National Coffee Association’s annual market research study on National Coffee Drinking Trends, nearly 40 percent of American adults used to drink non-specialty coffee (read: open can, pour in grounds and water, push button).

That number has dropped to about 30 percent.

Meanwhile, the number of Americans who drink specialty coffee every day has risen three percent to 34 percent. And there was a huge jump in the number of espresso drinkers--from 13 percent to 18 percent. Non espresso specialty coffees are at 19 percent, same as last year.

Naturally, the shift toward specialty coffee has changed the way people prepare coffee. In 2013, 58 percent of people used a drip coffee maker. In 2014, that dropped to 53 percent. Meanwhile the number of Americans who have a single cup brewer has jumped from 10 percent in 2012, to 12 percent in 2013, to 15 percent in 2014.

Last year, 17 percent of people sans single cup brewers said they planned to buy one in the next six months. This year it was 25 percent. 

The study didn’t say why more people are beginning to appreciate the world of specialty coffee. It did say that Hispanic-Americans lead the pack with 48 percent drinking gourmet coffee. That makes sense, given that much of the world’s best coffee comes from central and south America.

The next largest percentage of specialty coffee drinkers are Asian-Americans with 42 percent. About 30 percent of Caucasian-Americans and 20 percent of African-Americans drink specialty coffee.

Forty percent of people 25-39 drink specialty coffee.

Thirty percent of people 18-to-24 or 40-to-59 drink specialty coffee.

A fourth of those over 60 drink specialty coffee.

Here at Kohana, life is all about finding and roasting the most extraordinary specialty coffee we can. These stats just feel like confirmation that, at least in some ways, the world is becoming a better place.


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