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It’s a Dream Party: And We Want You To Host It!

Life may be filled with question marks, but there’s one thing we know for sure: we live in a world made of dreams. Some dreams tap softly on our shoulders when we’re snuggled under our comforters and our sleeping spirits speak to us in pictures. But others don’t wait for an invitation. They pop up right in front of us in the unexpected middle of a clear blue day as we round a corner, crest a hill, open a door, and practically trip over a vision of what could be.

Here at Kohana, dreaming is the source of our inspiration, passion projects, identity and success. When Victoria, our Founder, started Kohana Coffee, it began as nothing more than a dream she had with her eyes wide open. We think dreams are the secret maps to the things our souls are telling us to seek. It’s all about being bold enough to discover where your own dreams lead.

It’s time for all of us to wake up and dream. And you can start the party with one of your own. All it takes are five of your BFFs, a few pairs of scissors, a pile of your favorite magazines, and a Dream Kit. (Don’t worry—we’ll send you a free one!)

Here’s How: Click HERE to sign up. We’ll select 10 Dream Party hosts monthly and send each a Dream Party kit with plenty of Kohana Organic Cold Brew Coffee and yummy coffee drink recipes to keep your crew inspired, your very own Kohana Coffee mug, and a Wake Up and Dream Journal, all packed in a burlap tote bag. Once you receive your kit, just gather five of your BFFs, break out the coffee and treats, and together create your own Dream Boards.

What’s a Dream Board? It’s an atlas of possibilities filled with images and words that express what we believe, what we hope, what we treasure, and what we see for ourselves and our world.

Post your dreamboards to social media with #wakeupanddream. We’ll feature the best on our Dream Board Gallery and you’ll serve as inspiration for thousands of others. One guest from each party will be selected to host a Dream Party the following month. And two lucky dreamers will be selected at random to receive a $1000 gift card to make their own dream come true.

If this sounds like your kind of dreaming, we’re inviting you to Wake Up and Dream with us.

Here’s what happened at our Dream Party:

Inspired? To sign up for your free Kohana Wake up And Dream Party Kit, click here and let the dreaming begin!

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