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Our views on sustainability are simple. We must direct our efforts towards sustainability in everything that we do – to have a long term business delivering  you the world’s best coffees from the planet’s best farmers.

From the farm level we choose to partner with those that take care of the earth and people. We work with not only great coffee producers but those that are mindful of how they farm environmentally and how their farming affects the land they’re using. We pay attention to how well people that work that land are treated and that they are paid wages that sustain themselves and their families. 

We also look to how they give back, the effort they put back in the world to perpetuate the opportunity in coffee that has come to them. We look to processors, export and importers, and vendor partners who have these same values and mindset.

As a roaster, cold brew manufacturer and coffee drink maker we’re held responsible for our part in the equation. We examine our use of resources to produce the end product and do whatever we can to make less of an impact. We look for ways to give back that can add value to the supply chain and those in it. It comes down to mindfulness for Kohana – and making good, solid choices. 

We see it as rather simple: If we don’t do it right now – we won’t have it later. 

1% for the Planet:

Kohana is a dedicated member of 1% For The Planet, a worldwide alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. As such, 1 percent of profits from all products sold will be donated to clean-water projects throughout the world.   


Organic doesn’t just mean certification to us. Although we take great pride in the certifications we have, as producers we acknowledge the principle of sustainable agriculture where the value corresponding to that harvested should be returned to the soil. You can be organic and non-sustainable. We look for partners who are good stewards.